Would YOU Risk Your Deposit for a Black Shower? (This TikTok Mom Did)

If you’re a renter, you know the struggle of trying to personalize your space without risking your security deposit.

Some landlords are stricter than others, but it’s always a gamble when you decide to make unauthorized changes to your home.

That didn’t stop one TikTok mom.

She decided to take a chance and give her bathroom a bold makeover – without telling her landlord.

Basically, her name is Amanda Rose, the popular TikToker behind @amanduhh_, has inspired many with her progress in overcoming challenges with cleaning.

She’s even started cleaning other people’s homes for free, showing how much she cares about creating clean and comfortable spaces.

Now, she’s trying her hand at DIY projects to make her home not only clean but stylish too.

Watch this video:

In a recent TikTok video, Amanda shared her daring bathroom transformation.

At first glance, it seems like a simple repainting project, but she drops a bombshell: her landlord is clueless about the whole thing.

The final result is beautiful, but lots of people watching are worried she might get in trouble when she moves out.

Black is the New White: A Chic Bathroom Upgrade

Assuming you have your landlord’s green light, painting your shower doors and trim is a budget-friendly and surprisingly easy way to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic without having to splurge on a new shower altogether.

Yes, you can actually paint your shower!

Matte black accents have been trending in bathroom design, and Amanda jumped on board with this stylish trend.

She decided to give her main bathroom a modern makeover by incorporating black accents.

Here’s a breakdown of her DIY process:

  1. Prep work: Amanda started by sanding down the metal trim of her shower and carefully taping off the surrounding wall to avoid accidental paint splatters.
  2. Paint time: She then applied two coats of Rust-oleum’s black oil-based protective enamel to the entire metal border of her shower, including the handle.
  3. The big reveal: While she may still paint the inside of the shower, the stark contrast of the black trim against her white bathroom walls already created a striking transformation.

Mixed Reactions from TikTok Community

Lots of people (me too) liked Amanda’s new bathroom, but not everyone was happy about her keeping it a secret from her landlord.

Some people said she should do whatever she wants with her home, while others, including landlords, warned her she might have to pay to fix it or lose her deposit.

And I think it’s not legal to make any modifications without informing the landlord.

However, It remains to be seen how Amanda’s landlord will react when she eventually moves out.

Until then, we can only admire her creative spirit and hope for the best.

One thing’s for sure: Amanda’s bold move has sparked a lively conversation about the limits of renters’ rights and the risks of DIY home improvement projects.

Would you dare to paint your shower black without your landlord’s approval? Let us know in the comments below!

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