This Moving Hack Will Make You Want to Live in Paris ASAP

Ever spent hours carrying boxes and furniture up and down stairs when moving?

Yeah, me too.

It’s the absolute worst part of apartment living in any big city, from New York to Chicago to… well, anywhere with buildings taller than two stories.

The sweating, the sore muscles, the endless trips – it’s enough to make you want to give up and live in a cardboard box forever.

But guess what?

Our Parisian friends have cracked the code!

A viral video on TikTok has revealed the mind-blowing way they move in and out of their charming high-rise apartments.

TikToker Erin Tridle, aka @erintridle, is the lucky one who shared this trick with the world.

She shows off her awesome life in Paris, full of views of the Eiffel Tower and late-night museum visits, but this video might be her best one yet.

Trust me, you’ll want to hit that big follow button.

No More Stairway Struggles

Picture this: a giant, firetruck-sized ladder with a magical platform that glides effortlessly up and down.

You simply load your stuff onto the platform, press a button, and boom!

No more sweating, no more hurting yourself, no more going up and down the stairs a million times. It’s moving day made easy, thanks to the Parisians.

And before you ask, yes, it works for both moving in and out.

The World Is Shocked: Everyone Reacts

The internet (especially the comment section of that video) was just as shocked as we are.

People couldn’t believe it and were jealous, sharing their own terrible moving stories.

I once moved a piano up five floors,” one person said. “I need this in my life.

It turns out this smart idea isn’t just used in Paris.

Other big cities have similar systems, but they’re not always cheap. But hey, can you really put a price on not hurting yourself and making moving easier?

So, next time you’re worried about moving, just remember: there’s a better way.

Maybe it’s time to try the Parisian way and make moving day a piece of cake.

After all, who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re in a movie montage every time they move?

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