Women Turns a Party City Bowl into a High-End Pendant Lamp for Under $50!

Think you need a ton of cash to make your home look amazing?


With some imagination and cheap stuff, you can make cool decorations that look expensive.


Just ask Julie Sousa, the home design expert known as @the_avantgarde on TikTok.

She’s famous for making renter-friendly DIY projects and giving homes a cool new look.

Her newest project is super cool.


IM GOING BACK TO GREECE, BABY! I swear, you guys are NOT ready for the DIY content when I’m back☝🏼🙂‍↔️ 😂 my last trip inspired so many of my DIYs and large transformations — this lamp shade being one of them, inspired by the lighting in our hotel lobby, another being our Dollface project, and another being my office transformation…to name a few. I feel most inspired after traveling and it’s been a while since I was pregnant and all. This time I’m bringing my brothers so brace yourselves for the 3 of us together 🤡🤡🤡🌪️🌪️🌪️ FOR THIS PROJECT, please don’t hang your chandeliers this high 😂 it should be 30-36” above your table but we were on a tight budget for this project. Materials used: Plastic bowl from Party City Spackle Rub n Buff Sanding block Be sure to use an LED lightbulb if you’re going to try this as it does not emit heat. #homedecor #diy #homediy #homeideas

♬ Little Bitty Pretty One – Thurston Harris

Julie made a copy of a fancy hanging lamp that usually costs $2,000 – using only a plastic bowl from Party City and some other easy-to-find things!

It’s true!

This awesome lamp cost less than $50 to make, and it looks amazing. (Link to a video showing how she did it.)

Julie is really good at this DIY stuff.

Her social media is full of smart ideas for making everyday things into stylish home decor.

She gets ideas from her travels, and this time, it was a beautiful lamp she saw in a hotel during a trip.

She says:

Worldwide travels often inspire me various projects and this one was sparked by a hotel lobby lampshade on my most recent trip.


So, Instead of spending a lot of money, she made her own version – and we’re so happy she did!

DIY Time! How to Make Your Own Fancy Lamp

So, what do you need to turn a plastic bowl into a cool lamp?

Not much!

Here’s what Julie used:

  • A big plastic bowl from Party City (any shape or size is okay!)
  • Spackle (to make it look rough)
  • Rub ‘n Buff (in a shiny color you like)
  • An LED lightbulb (so the plastic doesn’t get too hot)
  • A sanding block (to make it smooth)
  • A drill (to make a hole for the lightbulb)

That’s all!

With these things, you can make Julie’s lamp in a few easy steps.

Easy Steps:

  1. Get the bowl ready: Make a hole in the middle of the bowl that’s big enough for the lightbulb.
  2. Put on Spackle: Cover the whole bowl with Spackle, using a wet sponge to make it smooth and bumpy.
  3. Add Shine: After the Spackle dries, put Rub ‘n Buff on the inside of the bowl. Julie used gold, but you can use any color.
  4. Make it Smooth: Let the Rub ‘n Buff dry, then use the sanding block to make the outside of the bowl smooth.
  5. Put in the Light and Hang it Up: Put the LED lightbulb in the hole. Then, hang your new lamp from the ceiling!

And that’s it!

You have your own fancy lamp for way less money.

With Julie’s easy steps and some DIY skills, you can make your home look stylish without spending a ton of money.

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