Who Knew? This Man Turns Basic Bookcase into Hidden Garden Shed

If you’ve ever wished your gardening tools could magically disappear when not in use, TikTok user Alex has a solution.

He turned the simple IKEA Billy bookcase into a clever hiding spot for all those rakes, shovels, and other garden gear.

If your tools usually clutter up your yard, you’ll love this idea.

Watch his video:


IKEA BILLY HACK 🎉🤩 na was sagt ihr dazu? Der versteckte Stauraum ist einfach so so praktisch! 💪🏻 #ikeahack #ikeahacks #diyproject #diyproject #diycraft #ikeadiy

♬ Originalton – DIY Heimwerker Interior

So what did he actually do?

First, Alex took off the thin back panel of the bookcase.

This wasn’t enough, though, so he made the bookcase stronger by adding thicker wooden pieces across the back.

These supports are important because the bookcase is going to hold heavier things now.

He also put wheels on the bottom, but we’ll get to why those are important later.

Alex then made a new back for the bookcase using thin pieces of wood stained a dark brown color.

He nailed these pieces onto the back, making it look better and stronger.

He also stained and added matching pieces to the sides for a nice, finished look.

Making the Secret Door

This is the fun part: Alex carefully measured and put in strong wall hooks that can hold the whole bookcase.

Then, he attached hinges to one side of the bookcase and screwed them into the wall hooks.

Remember those wheels from before? They let the whole bookcase swing open like a door!

To fit long tools like rakes, Alex cut round holes in the shelves.

When it was all done, the bookcase was ready for all the gardening tools. Alex shows how it easily swings open and closed, hiding everything inside.

The Final Touches

Alex didn’t stop there.

He put some flower pots on the outside of the bookcase, making it blend in with the rest of the area.

Now, it looks like a nice wall with plants, not a place hiding tools.

This idea proves that even simple furniture can be changed into something new and useful.

With a little work, you can turn a basic bookcase into a secret storage spot that looks great too.

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