How Do I Get My Crested Gecko Comfortable with Me?

Building trust with your crested gecko takes time and patience. Start by letting them get used to your presence, then gradually introduce handling sessions while keeping a calm and gentle approach.

First of all, Crested geckos are a little shy at first.

But over time, they start to interact with their owner. This usually takes three weeks to several months.

However, if your Crested gecko isn’t interacting with you, here’s what you can do:

Remember, Patience is Key! Give him space…

Allow him a week or two to settle in without any handling attempts.

This helps him get used to his new home and establish a sense of security.

Watch, but don’t bother!

Spend time near the enclosure and watch his natural behavior.

Carefully notice when he is active, what he likes to climb on, and where he prefers to hide.

Build Trust

Associate yourself with good things.

Start by being the person who provides food and water. Don’t rush interactions, just change out his supplies calmly.

Let him come to you (sort of)

Place your hand flat inside the enclosure in the evening when he is more active.

Don’t chase!

Let him investigate you at his own pace. He might sniff, lick, or even climb on for a better look.

Sit near the enclosure in the evening and talk to him softly.

He’ll get used to your voice and presence.

Gentle Handling (When They’re Ready)

Be slow and deliberate with your movements.

Avoid any sudden gestures that might startle him.

To lift, gently scoop him from underneath with a flat hand. Support his whole body and keep him close to a surface at first, just in case he jumps.

Tips: Start with short handling sessions of only a few minutes and lengthen them gradually over time as your gecko gets more comfortable.

There it is!

Hope this helps you to make your new friend more comfortable with you…


Q: My crested gecko seems scared of me. What should I do?

If your gecko seems scared, give them space and avoid handling them for a few days.

Focus on building their confidence by offering treats from your hand and letting them explore your hand in their enclosure.

Gradually reintroduce handling sessions, keeping them short and positive.

Q: My crested gecko bit me. Is this normal?

While crested geckos are generally docile, they may bite if they feel threatened or startled.

If your gecko bites you, remain calm and avoid jerking your hand away, as this will not harm you anyway.

Gently disengage and try again later when they are more relaxed.

Q: How often should I handle my crested gecko?

Aim for short, frequent handling sessions of 5-10 minutes each, a few times a week.

This will help your gecko get used to being handled without overwhelming them.

As they become more comfortable, you can gradually increase the duration of the sessions.

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