My Crested Gecko Is Comfortable With Me, But I Never Handle Him More Than 20 Minutes

It’s been three years since I brought him into my home.

In the beginning, my little guy was a bit shy, often retreating into his hideout whenever I approached his terrarium.

But with time, we formed a strong bond.

I made it a point to spend time near his enclosure, just watching him go about his daily activities, slowly earning his trust.

Haha, his curiosity often got the best of him, and he’d inch closer, peeking out from his cozy hiding place to get a better look at this giant who seemed so interested in his world. LoL

One day, as I reached out my hand toward him, he didn’t immediately scurry away. Instead, he hesitantly climbed onto my finger.

Ohh, What was a moment!

But I never Handle Him Much

Yeah, that’s right!

At first, I wanted to bond with him constantly, but I soon realized that, like all living creatures, he needed his space and time to be on his own.

Basically, it’s important to respect his need for solitude and ensure he doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

So here are some basic guidelines you should follow:

  1. Infrequent Handling: Crested geckos are primarily arboreal (tree-dwelling) and can be stressed by frequent handling. Limit handling to a minimum, typically once or twice a week or even less. Frequent handling can cause stress and may lead to health problems.
  2. Short Duration: When you do handle him, keep the handling sessions short, as I mentioned above.
  3. Be Gentle: Handle him gently and avoid sudden movements. Be patient and allow him to walk onto your hand rather than grabbing it.
  4. Time and Patience: Some crested geckos may become more accustomed to handling over time, while others may always be a bit more skittish. Patience is key.
  5. Respect Signs of Stress: If he exhibits signs of stress, like vocalizations, trying to jump away, or losing his tail (they can drop their tails as a defense mechanism), back off and give him a break.

When Is The Best Time To Handle?

Crested geckos are nocturnal animals, which means they are most active at night and sleep during the day.

So, the best time to handle them is in the evening or at night when they are awake and alert.

Avoid handling them in the morning or during the day, as they may be sleepy, grumpy, or stressed.

So How Often You Should Handle Your Crested Gecko?

The handling frequency completely depends on his level of comfort.

You can handle your crested gecko every day or every other day, but this will depend on whether he is tame or not.

For the first month, handle your crested gecko 1-2 times a week, mainly when cleaning the cage.

After a month, you can start handling every or every other day.

Make sure to start handling sessions with 3-5 minutes a day after your crested gecko has acclimatized. Start slowly approaching him and build it up through the weeks.

Note: If your gecko is very small (under 10 grams), wait until it gets bigger and only handle when necessary. Because it’s very easy to injure a small crested gecko. A new arrival will need at least 2 weeks to adjust to his new home, human, and routine. After this period, only handle him once a week when cleaning his tank. Never handle a baby crestie as they’re super jumpy and will get hurt if they fall.


Q: Can I handle my new or young crested gecko?

Yes, you can handle your new or young crested gecko, but you should do it gradually and cautiously.

As I mentioned, new or young crested geckos may be more shy, nervous, or fragile than older or established ones.

Therefore, you should give them some time to adjust to their new home and get used to you before handling them. You should also handle them less frequently and more gently than older or established ones.

Q: Can I handle my pregnant or Pale crested gecko?

No, you should not handle your pregnant or pale crested gecko, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Pregnant or shedding crested geckos may be more sensitive, irritable, or vulnerable than normal ones.

Therefore, you should avoid handling them to prevent any stress, injury, or infection that may affect their health or development.

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