How Long Will It Take My Crested Gecko to Start Eating?

New crested geckos typically start eating within a few days to a week after being introduced to a new environment. Some geckos may take up to two weeks to adjust and begin eating regularly.

However, Young geckos usually need to eat more often than adults, so they might start eating sooner in a new environment.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Immediate: Some geckos start eating as soon as they’re introduced to their new home or if they were eating regularly before.
  • Within a Few Days (3–7 days): Most healthy geckos start eating within this timeframe.
  • Up to Two Week: Sometimes it might take a gecko up to two week to start eating normally again.

Remember, each gecko is unique.

Some may dive into their meals right away, while others take their time.

With a little time and effort, you should be able to get your crested gecko eating again.

When to Worry?

If a crested gecko has gone longer than one week without eating, it could indicate an issue.

In this case, immediately consult a reptile veterinarian in your area!

Signs Your Crested Gecko Is Ready to Eat

The first and the most ovious sign is ‘Exploring”

If your gecko is actively exploring its enclosure, climbing on branches and hides, it’s a good sign that it’s feeling more comfortable and may be ready to eat.

It may also flicker it’s tongue!

They usually use their tongues to sense their surroundings and detect food.

Frequent tongue flicking indicates that your gecko is interested in its environment and may be searching for food.

Look for tongue flicks directed at areas where food is placed, or at the sides of the enclosure where insects might be hiding.

Tip: if you notice fecal matter in the enclosure, it’s a sign that your gecko has been eating, even if you haven’t witnessed it directly. The presence of fecal matter also indicates that your gecko’s digestive system is functioning properly.

Hope this makes sense!


Q: My crested gecko is not gaining weight. What should I do?

If your gecko isn’t gaining weight despite eating regularly, consult a reptile veterinarian.

There may be an underlying health issue affecting your gecko’s digestion or metabolism.

Q: What is CGD, and why is it important for crested geckos?

CGD stands for Crested Gecko Diet.

It’s a complete, powdered food formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of crested geckos.

CGD is a convenient and essential part of a crested gecko’s diet, providing balanced nutrition and promoting healthy growth.

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