Can You Change The Screensaver On LG TVs

I recently got my LG OLED TV and just a few days into using it, I saw that when idle, the TV screen shifts between a minimalist clock that swaps to “To turn the screen back on, please press any button except for the power button” every now and then.

I did see a screensaver with fireworks in there for a few seconds but that was about it.

This was a little annoying.

I would have preferred either a completely black screen or a collection of pictures that were displayed alternatingly.

I wanted to see if I could use my own images as the screen saver instead of something that was not becoming an eyesore, but I didn’t actually like what I found.

There is no screensaver option on LG TV apart from LG TV’s photo gallery. If you have an LG OLED/QNED TV, you can choose a set of images to display from the LG photo gallery.

However, if you have an LCD, the best option is to turn the screen saver off if you do not like what is being displayed.

Select Images From LG TV’s Photogallery As Screen Saver

The LG OLED/QNED TVs come with an improved photo gallery that has a preset cluster of images you can select to be used as screen savers. 

Note that this is only possible on LG OLED/QNED TVs and you cannot mix and match the images from different clusters. 

Here’s how you can select images from the photo gallery to be displayed as screen savers:

  • Press the home button on your remote
  • Scroll to find “Gallery” and select it. From this Gallery, you can choose from a selection of preloaded images to display.
  • Select the images you like:
  • Once you have made your choices, select “Ok” to start cycling through the selected photos.

Note that you cannot add your own images to this gallery.

You Cannot Turn The Screen Saver Off On LG OLED/QNED TVs

To prevent screen burn-in, LG OLED TVs do not come with an option to disable screen savers. 

However, you can turn the screen saver off if you have an LCD TV. Here’s how:

  • Press the menu button on your LG TV remote.
  • Click on settings.
  • Select “General Settings”.
  • Look for the “Screen Saver” option within the settings menu. it.
  • Select the “Screen Saver” option and choose to turn it off.

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Default LG TV Screen Savers

By default, LG TVs display a minimalistic analog clock when the screen is idle.

This is occasionally swapped with a black screen that displays the following message:

“To turn the screen back on, please press any button except for the power button.” 

In case you were using an app on your TV and left the screen idle, you will see a screensaver with popping fireworks. 

On OLED/QNED TVs, you have the option to change the screen saver to images from the gallery but on LCD TVs, you are stuck with the analog clock. All you can do is disable the feature. .

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I view my photos on LG Smart TV?

You could do that by using the media player.

Press the home button on the remote control, select the media player app, choose the device to use from the list, and then select the content to play.

Q: How do I save pictures on my LG Smart TV?

There is no such option that allows you to save pictures on your LG Smart TV.

Q: Can I use my own images as a screensaver on my LG TV?

Directly using your own images as a screensaver on LG TVs is generally not possible.

However, you can display personal photos through the gallery app by connecting a USB drive and setting up a photo slideshow.

This slideshow can act similarly to a screensaver when the TV is idle​

Q: Are there specific models of LG TVs that allow more screensaver customization?

LG OLED TVs generally offer more screensaver customization options compared to other models.

They allow you to display a clock and weather information and choose from various preset images in the Art Gallery mode.

Other models might have more limited options​.

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