Can I feed OTA signal through Coax or HDMI inputs on LG TV?

Yes, you can feed Over-the-Air (OTA) signals through Coax or HDMI inputs on your LG TV.

Here are the both methods:

Using Coax

  • Direct Antenna Connection: If your LG TV has a built-in tuner, you likely have a coaxial input labeled “ANT IN” or “RF IN”. Simply connect your antenna’s coaxial cable directly into this port.
  • Set-Top Box: If you don’t have a built-in tuner, or want additional features, use a digital converter box (also called a set-top box). These convert the OTA signal into something your TV understands.
    • Connect your antenna’s coaxial cable to the set-top box.
    • Connect the set-top box to your TV’s coax input using another coaxial cable.

Using HDMI

As for HDMI input, you typically can’t directly connect an OTA antenna to an HDMI input on a TV because HDMI ports are designed for digital video and audio signals, not for RF signals like those from an antenna.

But, if you have an external OTA tuner or a set-top box that converts OTA signals to HDMI output, you can connect that device to an HDMI input on your TV to watch OTA channels.

This device would receive the OTA signals via coaxial input and output them as HDMI signals that your TV can accept.

Hope this helps…

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