Can I use an external tuner for OTA on my LG TV?

Of course!

If your LG TV has the right connections, you can use an external tuner to watch Over-the-Air (OTA) channels.

Most LG TVs have a spot where you can plug in a coaxial cable for your antenna.

Just connect the external tuner to this spot, and you’re good to go!

The tuner will help you find and watch OTA channels easily.

Popular External Tuner Options

These are the most popular external tuners in the market right now and using one of them, you will be able to catch all the available signals on your TV.

  • HDHomeRun: A network-based tuner that lets you watch and record OTA channels on a variety of devices, even those without their own tuner.
  • Tablo: Offers DVR features for recording OTA shows, with apps for streaming across your home network.
  • Channel Master Stream+: An Android TV-based option that offers both a live TV and DVR experience.

Well, how to connect?

First of all, choose Your Tuner!

Decide which external tuner is best for your budget and needs.

Once you bought one, connect it to your TV via HDMI cable.

After that, go to your LG TV’s input settings, select the correct HDMI input, and run a channel scan on the external tuner’s interface.

That’s it….

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