Why TV Ads Sometimes Don’t Match the Product?

TV ads don’t always match the product because some things are better suited for TV ads than others.

Companies need to know if their product fits well with TV advertising, or else they might not make a profit.

Here are the reasons:

Selling a Feeling, Not the Product

T.V. ads are often designed to evoke an emotional response, like happiness, excitement, or nostalgia.

The ad might show people having a great time using the product, but it might not dwell on the product’s features themselves.

This can leave you with a positive feeling about the brand, but not a clear understanding of what the product actually does.

Focusing on Lifestyle, Not Functionality

Ads might portray a glamorous lifestyle associated with the product.

They might show a happy family using a cleaning product, but they might not show how well it actually cleans.

This is because the ad is trying to sell you the idea of a better life, rather than the cleaning power itself.

Creative License and Hyperbole

Let’s face it, some ads take liberties with reality.

A car commercial might show a car effortlessly climbing a mountain, even though most people wouldn’t use it for that.

This is because commercials are a form of entertainment, and a bit of exaggeration can be more memorable than a realistic portrayal.

On the other hand, Ads often focus on the benefits a product offers, rather than the technical details.

They might show a stain magically disappearing from a shirt, but they might not mention the specific cleaning agents in the product.

This is because benefits are easier for most viewers to understand and connect with.

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