Frontier Communications Hit by Devastating Cyberattack

If you use Frontier for your internet, you might have had trouble getting help recently.

On April 14th, Frontier had a big cyberattack.

To stop the attackers, they had to close down a lot of their systems. This made it hard for customers to get help.

Frontier confirmed the attack in a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Thursday. The statement outlines that “a third party had gained unauthorized access to portions of its information technology environment.”

The company suspects this “third party” to be a cybercrime group and might have taken some user’s personal information.

For this, they had to shut down several online systems, including:

  • Virtual Front Office (VFO) modules
  • E-Bonded Applications like EDI, UOM, and TML
  • Customer Wholesale Portal (CWP)
  • Wholesale Operations Website (
  • Wholesale Billing Online tools like CTS, CABS Portal, and COBRA

This attack happened almost a year after DISH had a similar problem. We don’t know yet when Frontier’s systems will be fully working again.

If you are a Frontier customer, be on the lookout for suspicious activity related to your accounts.

This could include unauthorized charges or changes to your services. Contact the company immediately with any irregularities.

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Jerocia Mithila
Jerocia Mithila
1 month ago

Love how companies always say ‘likely a cybercrime group.‘ Take some accountability, Frontier!🙄

1 month ago

At least they were proactive in shutting things down

David l44
David l44
1 month ago

i just fuck these shit company. All they care about money, not about our personal staff we submit