Why LG TV keep asking me to switch the input?

This problem basically happens if the TV detects that a device is connected to it and some of the features in your TV settings are enabled.

Here’s a breakdown:

Is HDMI-CEC Turned on?

Most modern LG TVs have a feature called HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control).

It allows devices to control each other.

While handy, it can cause a connected device to send “wake-up” signals to the TV to request switching to its input.

So you can try disabling it…

  • Simply go to your TV’s settings -> General -> Devices -> HDMI Settings.
  • Now Disable the HDMI-CEC setting (it may be leveled as”SimpLink”.)
However, If you want some CEC functionality, you might be able to disable only the “Device Auto Power On” or similar settings.

Also, disable the ‘Auto-detection’ feature from the same settings and Set the HDMI port you want to use as a priority on start-up.

Take a look at the Quick Start+

LG TVs have a setting called “Quick Start+” which keeps the TV in a low-power state, ready to resume operation much faster than a full power-off cycle.

But it also means the TV is more receptive to signals from connected devices.

So, you can also try disabling this…

Simply go to your TV’s settings menu, find the “Quick Start” or “Quick Start+” option, and then turn it off.

And why not just unplug the connected device?

If none of the methods work for you, then disconnect all the devices connected to your TV.

Then you will figure out what the actual problem is.

If the issue is still happening even after disconnecting the external devices, maybe the TV’s software is faulty and you have to upgrade the firmware!

Hope this helps…

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