Should I cut my crested gecko’s nails? (No, but…)

Generally, there is no need to cut your crested gecko’s nails. They naturally wear down their nails by climbing and moving around rough surfaces in their natural habitat.

In captivity, if they have plenty of rough surfaces (branches, rocks, etc.), it’s unlikely their nails will become overgrown.

That’s it…

But what if their nails are too long?

Well, If your gecko’s nails are exceptionally long and seem to be causing discomfort (catching on things or curling in abnormally), then a very careful trim might be beneficial.

Because, if the nails grow too long, they can become curved and make it difficult for your gecko to climb or grip.

On the other hand, if your gecko has an injured nail, it might need to be trimmed to prevent further damage.

So, how do you trim crested gecko nails?

If you do decide to trim, here’s how to do it as safely as possible:

  1. Gather Supplies:
    • Small, sharp nail clippers (meant for small animals or babies)
    • Styptic powder or cornstarch (in case of bleeding)
    • Q-tips or cotton balls
    • A helper (highly recommended)
  2. Handling:
    • Be very gentle and patient. Crested geckos get stressed easily.
    • Have your helper hold your gecko securely but without squeezing.
    • It may help to wait until your gecko is calm, perhaps in the evening.
  3. Trimming:
    • Identify only the very sharp, pointy tip of the nail.
    • Be extremely careful! Clip only the tiniest amount. You don’t want to reach the quick (the blood vessel inside the nail).
    • Have styptic powder ready in case you accidentally cut the quick. A tiny dab on a Q-tip will stop the bleeding.

That’s it…

Why not consult a Vet?

If you are concerned about your crested gecko’s nails, it is best to consult a reptile veterinarian.

They can assess the nails and determine if trimming is necessary. If trimming is required, they can safely perform the procedure.

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