5 Mistakes To Avoid When Handling Your Crested Gecko

Crested geckos are sensitive creatures, and improper handling can lead to stress and even injury.

But yet, too many owners made some serious mistakes while handling them that sometimes led their gecko to death!

In this article, I’ll cover some of the common mistakes that people typically make and why you must avoid these mistakes when handling your crested gecko.

Let’s dive in…

Mistake 1: Handling Too Much

Crested geckos are not likely to bite, but they can get stressed easily.

You should keep the handling sessions short and infrequent, usually not more than 20 minutes.

Because, overhandling can lead to stress-related health problems, so it’s important to strike a balance between interaction and allowing your gecko to rest peacefully.

Mistake 2: Handling Baby Crested Geckos

IMG Credit: Facetiousfry

Baby crested geckos are very tiny and can get scared easily, causing them to jump or fall.

This can lead to them getting hurt if they fall while you’re holding them.

In my experience, I didn’t handle my crested gecko until it grew to a certain size, usually when it weighed between 8 to 15 grams.

Doing this can greatly lower the chances of accidents when you’re holding them, reducing the risk by about 60%.

Waiting until your baby crested gecko gets a bit bigger gives them better balance and makes it safer to handle them.

This approach keeps them safe and reduces stress for both you and your gecko.

Mistake 3: Not Handling Gently

Crested geckos have surprisingly delicate bodies.

Mishandling, including squeezing too tightly, can lead to injuries.

When you pick up your gecko, support its body properly, and be gentle.

To avoid accidental falls, always keep your gecko just above a flat surface, such as a table, when handling.

Mistake 4: Not Being Aware of Natural Instincts

IMG Credit: Rainwaterotter

They are forest-dwelling creatures, and they have evolved to leap into the air when they feel scared or threatened.

In the wild, they would land on tree branches, but in captivity, they can fall and get hurt.

Be aware of this instinctual behavior and take precautions to prevent falls during handling.

Mistake 5: Not Monitoring Stress Levels

Crested geckos are prone to stress, and it’s crucial to be attuned to their signals.

One way they express stress is through changes in their coloration.

If you notice that your gecko’s color changes to an ash gray while handling, it’s a sign of stress.

In such cases, immediately return your gecko to its terrarium and allow it to return to its normal color in a calm environment.


Q: Can I handle my Crested Gecko right after bringing it home?

It’s best to allow your Crested Gecko to acclimate to its new environment for at least a week before attempting to handle it.

This reduces stress and helps it settle into its new enclosure.

Q: How often should I handle my Crested Gecko?

Limit handling to a few times a week, and keep sessions brief.

Crested Geckos are sensitive creatures and too much handling can stress them out.

Q: Do Crested Geckos bite when handled?

While Crested Geckos are not known for biting, they may do so if they feel threatened or stressed. Handling them gently and with care can reduce the likelihood of a bite.

Q: Do Crested Geckos carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans?

No, Crested Geckos are not known to carry diseases that are transmissible to humans.

But must wash your hands after handling them.

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