He Always Acts Like He’s Still Hungry, Even after I’ve Just Given Him Food

For the past few days, my little guy (I think) acting very strange!

He never seems to be satisfied with his food, no matter how much I offer.

Most of the time, I give him insects, mealworms, and the occasional cricket when they’re available, twice a week. On other days, he enjoys the crested gecko fruit powder mix (CGD)

But no matter how much I give him, he always seems to want more. He eagerly devours his meals, yet there’s often a bit of leftover fruit powder in his dish.

What’s even more interesting is that sometimes, he playfully tosses his empty dishes onto the floor of his enclosure. Maybe he’s teasing me, suggesting he’s still hungry and ready for more. 🙂

It was a major headache for me, wondering if he simply associated me with food, or if he’s genuinely never satisfied.

That’s why, yesterday, I consulted with a vet in my area, and he said,

“His weight remains within healthy parameters. To have such a food-responsive gecko is good. She just really likes food. Some geckos always act hungry, just like dogs or cats.”

He even said, “Many animals do always act hungry. It is some kind of their nature because in the wild, they need to constantly search for food, so they always search in captivity as well.”

However, here are some general tips your’s doing the same:

  • Feed from a dish: If you’re hand-feeding your gecko, it may be getting used to the attention and expecting to be fed that way all the time. Try feeding from a dish instead to encourage your gecko to eat on its own.
  • Make the food thicker: If he is only taking small bites of the food, try making it thicker, like toothpaste, so that it’s easier for him to eat more at once.
  • Age and Growth: Young crested geckos tend to eat more frequently and may appear hungrier than adults. If your gecko is still growing, its appetite might be naturally higher.

Have a great day with your gecko.

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