Avoid These 5 Outdated Kitchen Cabinet Trends (In 2024)

Your kitchen cabinets are more than just storage; they’re a long-term investment and a defining feature of your home’s heart.

However, like any design element, cabinet trends evolve.

Let’s look at five trends you might want to skip, according to top designer TK Wismer.

1) Very Light Wood is Out

Natural things like wood will always be in style.

But the super light woods, like white oak, are becoming less trendy.

There are two reasons for this.

First, white oak has become harder to find because of problems in the supply chain. This means it’s more expensive than it used to be.

Second, even when you can find it, very light wood can make your kitchen look a little washed out.

“Instead, think about using mid-tone woods like walnut or cherry. They’re warm and inviting.” DIY Kitchen Designer Ash explains.

2) All-White Kitchens are Over

“White kitchens were popular for a while,” Sophia says.

They can look clean and bright, but actually a sea of white can feel sterile and impersonal. It can also be impractical – white shows dirt and grime easily.

Ash recently designed a stunning kitchen where she used a touch of cream and khaki to add depth and warmth.

The white cabinets still looked bright and airy, but the other colors kept the space from feeling too cold.

There are other ways to add variety to a white kitchen. You could use a different color for the island, or paint an accent wall.

You could also bring in pops of color with your backsplash, artwork, or accessories.

3) Boring Colors are Done

You don’t have to stick to plain beige or gray.

“Blue and green are becoming the new basic colors,” Sophia says. “We’re taking ideas from nature, like the calming colors we see outside.”

These soft colors make kitchens feel peaceful, and many companies now sell cabinets in these colors.

4) Fancy Cabinets are Old-Fashioned

Lots of decoration is being replaced with simple lines!

Even the popular Shaker style is becoming more streamlined.

Shaker cabinets with a thinner profile and minimal detailing offer a more modern and streamlined feel. They’re still versatile and can work well in a variety of kitchen styles, from traditional to contemporary.

So, if you don’t like things too plain, try a slim Shaker with a little bit of an edge.

5) Matching Hardware is a Thing of the Past

People want things to feel personal these days.

So, using the same handles everywhere is out of style.

Instead, mix and match different handles in different areas of your kitchen.

For example, you might use sleek, brushed nickel pulls on drawers in your prep area, and then switch to warmer, oil-rubbed bronze knobs on the cabinets around your sink.

When choosing hardware, consider both the look and feel of the piece.

You’ll want something that’s comfortable to grip and that complements the style of your cabinets.

Nowadays, I typically go with titanium and brushed black hardware, which gives me a cool, industrial vibe. (Though there are many other options available)

But It’s your home, so take your time and find something that you love.

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