YouTube TV app on my LG TV just spins (How To Fix)

There could be several reasons why the YouTube TV app on your LG TV spins and doesn’t load properly.

Some possible reasons include:

  1. Poor internet connection or server outage.
  2. Temporary bugs and internal glitches.
  3. Outdated version of the TV firmware.
Simple solution: Make sure that your TV is connected to a stable and fast internet connection. If the network connection is slow, TV will buffer to load content from the server.

If the network connection is OK, try the following step:

Step 1: Update your TV’s firmware

Make sure your TV’s firmware is up-to-date.

You can do this by going to the settings menu on your TV remote, selecting “All Settings,” then “General,” “System,” and finally “Update TV”.

If a new version is available, update it right away.

Step 2: Delete and reinstall the YouTube app

Press the settings button on the TV remote, select “All Settings,” “Customer Support,” and then set the service country to the “United States.”

Then, press the settings button on the TV remote again, select “All Settings,” “General,” “System,” and delete the YouTube app.

Reboot the TV and then reinstall the app again.

Now check if it’s working now!

Step 3: Force close the app

If too many apps are running in the background, force close the YouTube TV app to prevent it from crashing.

To do this, open the LG Content Store application, scroll and select the YouTube app from the list of installed apps, and then click the Up Arrow button on your remote and tap the X mark.

If the issue persists, contact LG or YouTube support for further assistance.

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