Woman Finds $1,500 Designer Table Dream at Goodwill for Just $18.99

Remember a few years ago?

Goodwill wasn’t exactly the most popular place to shop. In fact, it was kind of seen as uncool.

But times have changed!

Now, everybody loves thrifting, and Goodwill is one of the trendiest places to find unique items.

The only downside?

Because it’s so popular now, the prices have gone up a bit.

But don’t worry, there are still amazing deals to be found if you know where to look.

Thrifting is like a treasure hunt!

But instead of pirates and gold, you’re searching through clothes, furniture, and other stuff for hidden gems.

You have to be patient and look closely at everything.

It can take time, but that’s what makes finding something amazing so rewarding.

One lucky woman hit the jackpot and found something incredible: a super nice dining table set that usually costs a whopping $1500!


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The tables are sleek and stylish, with clean lines and a timeless design.

But the best part?

She got it for a price that practically steals the show – only $18.99!

That’s right, for less than twenty bucks she scored a furniture set that would cost hundreds, maybe even thousands, at a regular store.

Thrifting Tips: Hidden Treasures to Look For

While this woman’s find is unbelievable, there are other great things waiting to be found at Goodwill.

Keep an eye out for these treasures:

1) Old Books

Don’t just stick them on a dusty shelf.

Pile them up neatly on a coffee table or small table, making a layered look that’s both interesting to look at and good for starting conversations.

Use them as risers to put other decorative things on top, like sculptures or plants in pots.

Keep the worn, leather-bound look for a touch of old-fashioned charm, or think about painting them a new color for a pop of brightness.

You can also turn them into special wall art by taking out some of the pages and making shadowbox displays for postcards, photographs, or other small keepsakes.

2) Big Artwork

While the existing artwork might not be what you like, the frame itself could be a goldmine.

Large frames can cost a lot if you buy them new, so give new life to an old one with spray paint or a fresh coat of stain.

Once the frame is updated, swap out the old artwork for your own creations – a favorite photo you’ve made bigger, a printed canvas with a pattern or saying you like, or even a piece of fabric you love.

Big artwork adds drama and personality to any space, and with a little do-it-yourself magic, you can create a showstopping piece that reflects your unique style.

3) Wooden Cutting Boards

These everyday kitchen tools can become so much more than just a surface for chopping vegetables.

A quick sanding and a fresh coat of stain can change them into rustic wall decor.

Group a collection of different sized boards in different stain colors for a visually interesting display, or add knobs or hooks to create a unique coat rack or utensil holder.

For a charming countertop accent, use a smaller cutting board as a base for a potted plant or a group of candles.

4) Old Lamps

Don’t ignore the potential of forgotten lamps!

With a new wire and a stylish lampshade, these forgotten lights can become the center of attention in a room.

For a modern update, swap out an old-fashioned lampshade for a plain round one or a sleek geometric design.

If the lamp base itself needs an update, consider using metallic spray paint for a touch of glam or chalkboard paint for a fun touch.

Vintage lamps add a touch of character and history to any space, and with a little care, they can become a treasured piece in your home.

5) Mismatched Dishes

nstead of worrying about everything matching perfectly, try mixing and matching plates and teacups.

Combine different patterns, colors, and ages to create a playful table setting that shows off your personality.

It’s a great way to add a vintage feel to a dinner party or create a unique display in a china cabinet.

Experiment freely – the charm of mismatched china is in its unique style.

My Two Cents

Remember, thrifting is all about using your imagination.

With a little creativity and some work, you can turn anything into something special.

So the next time you’re at Goodwill, look closely and be open to anything. You never know what you might discover!

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