Will YouTube TV Offer Discounts on NFL Sunday Ticket This Season?

  • Yes, YouTube TV is offering discounts on the 2024 NFL Sunday Ticket for only new customers who bundle the package with a YouTube TV subscription.
  • The offer includes $170 off the price of the Sunday Ticket, along with a reduced monthly rate for the first three months.
  • Existing subscribers from the 2023 season might also receive a discount if they renew their subscription for 2024.

We know NFL Sunday Ticket doesn’t come cheap.

The exclusive package for out-of-market games is a must-have for dedicated fans, but it can really strain the budget.

In the past, YouTube TV has stepped up with discounts, and there are whispers they could do it again for the upcoming season.

YouTube TV Discounts on NFL Sunday Ticket (New Customers)

New YouTube TV subscribers can save on the NFL Sunday Ticket for the 2024 season.

You (only if you are a new customer) can get a substantial $170 discount, if you bundle the Sunday Ticket with a YouTube TV subscription,

However, this offer is valid until May 16, 2024!

YouTube Primetime Channels Discount

For those who prefer to order the Sunday Ticket via YouTube Primetime Channels, there’s another discount available.

Customers can enjoy $100 off the Sunday Ticket, bringing the price down to $349.

Unlike the bundle offer, this option doesn’t require a YouTube TV subscription.

Note: If you had the NFL Sunday Ticket last season with auto-renewal enabled, you won’t get these discounts. You’ll have to pay the regular rate without any savings.

What About the Former Subscribers

The big question now is: Will YouTube TV offer returning Sunday Ticket subscribers a similar break?

Fortunately, while the primary offers target new customers, former subscribers from the 2023 season aren’t entirely left out.

Some have reported receiving $100 Primetime Channels discount offers via email after canceling their subscription, but it’s unclear if these are widely available.

So if you also canceled the subscription after the season’s end, you may get the discount email.

OK, So How to Avail of the Discounts?

For New Customers:

  1. Sign up for YouTube TV.
  2. Bundle the NFL Sunday Ticket with your subscription.
  3. Secure the $170 discount before May 16, 2024.

For Former Subscribers:

  1. Check your email for renewal offers.
  2. If you haven’t received the email, bad luck…

Should You Wait and See?

Ultimately, it might be wise to hold off on renewing your NFL Sunday Ticket for now, at least if you’re an existing subscriber.

There’s always a chance YouTube TV might feel pressured to offer more competitive discounts as the season approaches, especially if they want to retain dedicated football fans.

Keep a close watch on Techsudu, we will let you know when it’s available….

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