Why is Onn TV so cheap?

Onn TVs are inexpensive mainly because they’re owned by Walmart, one of the world’s biggest retail companies.

Since Walmart manages its own brand, it can save money on things like advertising and distribution.

They focus on being cost-effective during manufacturing, using affordable parts and efficient processes to keep production expenses down.

They use less pricey processors and display panels compared to big-name brands like LG, Samsung and Hisense, which helps lower the overall TV cost.

This could mean a slightly lower picture quality or processing speed, but it keeps the price reasonable.

To save more, Onn TVs don’t pack as many features as high-end brands. They may not match the quality of top-tier TVs, but they generally perform well for their price.

Onn TVs are often sold at Walmart, and their low prices attract budget-conscious shoppers. The overall trend of TV prices dropping also contributes to the affordability of Onn TVs.

Although Onn TVs may not have all the high-end features, they offer a decent viewing experience at a price that many people can afford.


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