My TV not Turning on After a Firmware Update?

If your TV isn’t turning on, especially after a firmware update, there’s a possibility it’s bricked.

“Bricked” is a condition of a TV where it doesn’t turn on or display anything on the screen.

Think of it like this: your TV’s firmware is like its operating system, similar to how your computer has Windows or macOS.

When you update this firmware, it’s akin to upgrading your computer’s OS.

However, if something goes wrong during this process, the firmware can become corrupted. This corruption can range from minor glitches to a complete breakdown of the code, rendering your TV unable to boot up properly.

It usually happens when the TV’s firmware or software gets corrupted or interrupted during an update.

Here are why your TV might have been bricked:

  • Incomplete Update: If the update process was interrupted by a power outage or surge, it might not have been completed successfully, leaving the TV in an unstable state.
  • Hardware Issues: The update could have triggered a problem with the TV’s internal power supply. Or maybe the update corrupted the TV’s main circuit board. (It’s rare)
  • Corrupted Firmware: The update file itself might have been corrupted during download or installation, leading to the system brick.

The solution?

The solution to a bricked TV depends on the specific cause and the extent of the damage to the firmware or hardware.

In some cases, it might be possible to recover the TV by performing a factory reset or using specialized recovery tools.

However, if the damage is severe, professional repair or even replacement might be necessary.

Well, in one of our previous articles, we discussed how you can fix your bricked TV in two methods.

So I don’t want to write it here again.

If you want to read that article, then follow this link.


Q: How do I know if my TV is bricked or just has a different problem?

If your TV doesn’t respond to any commands, doesn’t show any lights or indicators, and won’t turn on even after unplugging and replugging, it’s likely bricked.

However, if you see error messages, blinking lights, or other signs of activity, there might be a different issue.

Q: Will my warranty cover a bricked TV?

It depends on the warranty terms and the cause of the bricking.

If the bricking resulted from a faulty firmware update provided by the manufacturer, the warranty might cover it.

However, if it was caused by user error or third-party modifications, the warranty might not apply.

Q: Is a bricked TV the same as a broken TV?

Not necessarily.

While a bricked TV appears broken because it won’t turn on, the underlying issue is usually with the software (firmware) rather than a physical hardware malfunction.

In many cases, a bricked TV can be fixed.

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