Why is my Crested Gecko Licking its Eye?

Question: I’ve got a new pet crested gecko, and I saw it licking its eye. I’ve never seen this before, and now I’m concerned. Is this a problem, or is it just something normal?

Crested geckos lick their eyes mainly to keep them moist and remove small particles.

They don’t have eyelids and can’t close their eyes like humans do, so they have to sleep with their eyes open. This means that dust and other small particles can end up on their eyeballs, which they remove by licking.

Licking their eyes is a natural behavior for crested geckos, and it’s not a cause for concern.

It’s just a way for them to maintain their eye health and hygiene.

Here are some things to watch for:

  1. Occasional licking: If your gecko licks its eyes now and then, especially after waking up or eating, it’s probably just normal cleaning.
  2. Excessive licking: If your gecko is constantly licking its eyes, it might mean the humidity in its home is too low. Aim for 70-80% humidity and mist the enclosure regularly.
  3. Licking with squinting or rubbing: If your gecko licks its eyes and squints or rubs them, it could be irritated by debris, shed skin, or a health issue. Keep an eye on it and consult a vet if needed.
  4. Licking other geckos: Licking another gecko’s eyes could be a sign of affection or dominance. Pay attention to their overall interaction to understand what’s happening

Licking the eyes is normal and healthy for crested geckos, as long as it’s not too much or causing irritation or infection.

If you see your gecko licking its eyes more than usual, or if the eyes look red, swollen, cloudy, or have discharge, consult a vet.

There might be an eye injury or infection that needs attention.

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