Why My Crested Gecko Hang Out In a Corner of The Tank?

Don’t worry, this is quite common!

Your crested gecko might be hanging out in a corner of the tank because it’s feeling stressed, getting used to a new place, or the tank setup might not be quite right.

Here’s what could be going on:

  • New environment: If you’ve recently brought your gecko home, it might just be taking its time to adjust to the new environment. It’s normal for them to hide away for a while as they settle in. This can last for a few days or even weeks.
  • Changes in the tank: Did you change anything in the tank recently? Like adding new decorations, introducing new tank mates, or adjusting the temperature and humidity levels? Any changes like these could stress out your gecko and make it want to hide away.

However, if your gecko seems sick or hurt, hiding could be a sign of that.

If your gecko is acting sluggish, losing weight, or showing any other signs of being sick, it’s best to see a vet who knows about reptiles as soon as possible.

Hope this clears things up!


Q: Is it normal for my crested gecko to spend so much time in the corner?

Yes, it’s perfectly normal for crested geckos to hang out in corners.

This behavior is rooted in their natural instincts and adaptations. Corners offer them security, camouflage, and a comfortable microclimate.

However, if your gecko exclusively stays in the corner and never explores, it’s worth investigating potential causes like stress, illness, or an unsuitable tank setup.

Q: Should I be worried if my gecko only sleeps in the corner?

Crested geckos are primarily nocturnal, so it’s normal for them to sleep during the day.

Choosing a corner for slumber is perfectly fine, as it provides them with a sense of security.

However, if they’re also inactive at night and seem lethargic, it could indicate a health issue that warrants attention.

Q: My gecko has always been a corner dweller. Is this a problem?

If your gecko has always preferred corners and seems healthy and active otherwise, there’s likely no cause for concern.

Some geckos are naturally more shy and introverted.

However, it’s still a good idea to offer them a variety of hiding spots and enrichment options to keep them mentally stimulated.

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