What Kind of UVB Light Should I Get for My Crested Gecko?

First of all, Crested Geckos don’t absolutely need UVB light to live, but some studies suggest it can help them stay healthy and act more like they would in the wild.

That’s why many people who own reptiles use it.

However, the ideal UVB bulb for a crested gecko is a low-level UVB bulb made for shade-dwelling species, ideally mounted above the screen with no glass or plastic underneath.

So, a 2%-5% UVB T5 HO fluorescent tube is the best option for a crested gecko.

Choosing the Right Type of UVB Light

There are several types of UVB lights available, but not all are suitable for crested geckos.

  • Fluorescent Tubes: The best option for crested geckos is a linear fluorescent tube, specifically a T5 HO (High Output) bulb with a 2%-5% UVB output. These bulbs provide a gentle, even distribution of UVB light that is safe for your gecko.
  • Compact Bulbs: Compact UVB bulbs are not recommended for crested geckos because they can emit too much UVB and cause eye damage.
  • Mercury Vapor Bulbs: Mercury vapor bulbs emit both UVB and heat, but they are too intense for crested geckos and can cause burns.

But, some great options I suggest are:

  • Zoo Med 5.0 T8 linear UVB.
  • Arcadia 5% UVB.
  • And Arcadia ShadeDweller bulbs.

These are the ones I really recommend!

Just make sure whatever you choose gives off 2.0% to 5.0% of UVB light, but not more than 7.0% to 10.0%.

Ok, how should I set up UVB Light?

The placement of your UVB light is important to ensure your gecko gets the right amount of exposure.

The UVB bulb should be placed 6-12 inches away from your gecko’s basking spot.

Your gecko should have access to the UVB light for 10-12 hours a day.

If your gecko’s enclosure has a screen top, you don’t need to use a reflector.

But if the enclosure has a glass or plastic top, you may need to use a reflector to direct more UVB light into the enclosure.

Hope it makes sense!


Q: How often should I replace my crested gecko’s UVB bulb?

UVB bulbs lose their effectiveness over time, even if they are still emitting light.

It’s recommended to replace your crested gecko’s UVB bulb every 6-12 months to ensure they are getting the appropriate amount of UVB exposure.

Q: Can I use a UVB bulb with a higher percentage of UVB output?

For crested geckos, a 2%-5% UVB output is ideal.

Using a bulb with a higher percentage of UVB output can be too intense for them and may cause health problems.

Q: Can my crested gecko get enough vitamin D3 from their diet alone?

While crested gecko diets are often supplemented with vitamin D3, UVB exposure allows them to naturally produce vitamin D3, which is more efficient for their bodies.

It’s best to provide both UVB light and a diet supplemented with vitamin D3.

Q: How can I tell if my crested gecko is getting enough UVB light?

The best way to ensure your crested gecko is getting the right amount of UVB light is to use a UVB meter.

This tool measures the UVB output of your bulb and can help you determine if it needs to be replaced.

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