T-Mobile Introduces ‘Plus’ and ‘Away’ for 5G Home Internet

  • New Home Internet Options: T-Mobile is offering two new plans for home internet service that uses their 5G network.
  • Home Internet Plus: This plan is designed for larger homes. It includes a better Wi-Fi system (called “mesh”) for wider coverage and helps you connect all your smart home devices.
  • Away: Want internet on the go? This plan lets you take your T-Mobile home internet device with you when you travel and offers unlimited data!

T-Mobile is expanding its 5G home internet offerings, providing customers with even more flexibility and coverage.

Today, cord cutters news reports that the company unveiled two new plans: ‘Home Internet Plus‘ for enhanced Wi-Fi in larger homes and ‘Away‘ for those who want internet connectivity on the go.

Home Internet Plus: For Big Homes and Smart Devices

The Plus plan addresses common issues many have with home Wi-Fi.

It comes with a new mesh system that boosts signal strength, covering up to 2,200 square feet for those with big homes or Wi-Fi dead spots.

If you have a large home or dead spots where Wi-Fi doesn’t reach well, the Plus plan’s mesh system can help.

Additionally, T-Mobile includes expert technical support, making it easier to set up and manage smart home devices like thermostats and security cameras.

Away: Travel with Your Internet

On the other hand, the ‘Away’ plan lets customers take their T-Mobile home internet connection on the road for reliable Wi-Fi wherever T-Mobile has 5G coverage.

This means no more relying on spotty public Wi-Fi hotspots as you travel across the US.

The Away plan even includes a generous unlimited data option for those needing constant connectivity.

What T-Mobile Says

We’re always listening to our customers, and these new plans address their demands for better internet options,” said Allan Samson, Chief Broadband Officer at T-Mobile. “Whether you need stronger Wi-Fi at home or want reliable connectivity on the road, T-Mobile delivers.

So, specifically, people with large homes (where Wi-Fi coverage might be a challenge), frequent travelers (who need reliable internet on the go), and smart-home enthusiasts (who use internet-connected devices in their homes) would find these plans advantageous.

Here’s the pricing:

  • Home Internet Plus: $50/month (with qualifying wireless plan) or $70/month
  • Away: $160/month (unlimited data) or $110/month (200 GB data)

However, this decision could significantly change or challenge the current home internet market.

Instead of relying on traditional cable companies for internet services, people might now consider T-Mobile as a viable alternative.

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Jerocia Mithila
Jerocia Mithila
1 month ago

T-Mobile talks a big game about disrupting the industry, but this feels like the same old tricks in a shiny new package.

David hillu
David hillu
1 month ago

More plans, more costs, but still no fix for their spotty 5G coverage in my area. Sigh

Nuha 45
Nuha 45
1 month ago

I was excited to escape my terrible internet provider, but these prices are out of reach. Guess I’m stuck…

Last edited 1 month ago by Nuha 45
Jilani 77
Jilani 77
1 month ago

Great, now I have to choose between reliable Wi-Fi at home OR internet while traveling. Not impressed.🙄

Cable ditcher
Cable ditcher
1 month ago

Maybe these new plans will finally force other internet providers to lower their prices and stop with the sneaky fees.