Sling TV: Orange vs. Blue – Is There a Clear Winner?

Sling TV tries to play a clever game.

Two base plans, Orange and Blue with the same basic pricing ($40/or $55 combined), each with unique draws.

I know this leaves you, the consumer, scratching your head and wondering… do they even want me to pick just one?

So, what should you choose? Is it orange, or blue?

Well, let’s break it down…

The Case for Sling Blue

Blue is the volume play.

You get 40+ channels, including heavy-hitters like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Bravo, AMC, and more.

In some areas, you even get your local Fox and NBC stations!

If you’re a news junkie or fiend for reality TV and mainstream entertainment, Blue hits the spot.

Plus, you can stream on three devices at once – and I think, it’s perfect for families or roommates.

Why Sling Orange Might Be Your Jam

Orange might have fewer channels overall (only 30+), but I don’t think you should think that you are getting nothing with this small channel list!

Because, you are getting the undisputed king of sports channels – ESPN, along with ESPN 2 and ESPN 3.

Plus, it doesn’t skimp on general entertainment with TBS, TNT, AMC, and even Comedy Central in the mix.

The Frustrating Part

This is where things get a bit sticky—Sling forces you to make a tough decision.

Want to stay up-to-date on current events with CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News, and also catch the latest game on ESPN?

Sling TV says “No can do” unless you’re willing to pay extra for both packages.

This can be a bummer if you want a lot of channels, especially since some other streaming services offer more channels in one package for a similar price.

On the other hand, Sling TV doesn’t have many local channels in either plan, which I think is a drag, for people who want to ditch cable and still watch local news, weather, and sports teams.

Sure, they have some local channels in some areas, but you never know if yours is one of them until you check their website.

The Verdict

There’s no clear-cut “best” plan.

If sports are your lifeblood, Orange is a no-brainer.

If you crave a broad selection of news and entertainment with the occasional sports fix, Blue might be better.

Frustratingly, If you want the complete picture (especially for local channels), you’ll need to cough up extra for both plans.

My Two Cents

Sling TV’s a la carte approach can save you money, but it feels a bit too restrictive compared to competitors.

Before you commit, seriously consider what channels you can’t live without and if the cost savings are worth the sacrifice.

Hope this helps…

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