How To Fix ONN TV won’t connect to WiFi

If your ONN TV is having trouble connecting to WiFi, it’s likely due to,

  • Wrong Location settings.
  • Faulty DNS Server of your ISP.
  • Software glitch or even the faulty wifi module.

However, To fix the problem, here’s what you can do:

  1. Turn off the TV: Press the power button to switch it off. Also, unplug all the HDMI cables connected to it. Wait for 5 minutes, then turn the TV back on.
  2. Restart the Router: Turn off your WiFi router, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on.
  3. Adjust Network Pings: Turn on the TV and press the home button five times, followed by the up button once and the rewind button once. This will bring up a menu. Scroll to the “System Operations” menu, then choose “Network.” Scroll to “Network Pings” and turn them on.
  4. Change Location Settings: If you’re still having issues, try changing the TV’s location settings to a different region or country. Sometimes, this can help with connectivity problems caused by regional restrictions.
  5. Check the WiFi Module: Remove the back panel of the TV and take a look at the WiFi module. See if there’s any visible damage. If needed, gently clean it with a soft brush or cloth.

That’s it…

If you are still connecting the TV to WiFi, replace the WiFi module.

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