Can Female Crested Geckos Reproduce Baby without a male?

Female crested geckos can lay eggs without a male present, but these eggs will not be fertile and therefore will not hatch.

But why?

Because, crested geckos require sexual reproduction, meaning an egg needs to be fertilized by sperm from a male for a baby gecko to develop.

Egg Laying in Female Crested Gecko

Female crested geckos are capable of laying eggs even without mating with a male.

These eggs, however, will not be fertile and are often referred to as “duds” or “infertile eggs.

And the eggs won’t hatch!

The reasons for Laying Infertile Eggs:

  • Hormonal fluctuations
  • Environmental cues
  • Nutritional factors
  • Presence of another female gecko
  • Age of the female

Well, But Can Crested Geckos Reproduce Asexually?

Asexual reproduction, where an organism can create offspring without the need for a mate, is rare in the animal kingdom.

While some species of lizards, such as the mourning gecko, can reproduce asexually, this is not the case for crested geckos.

  • Parthenogenesis: The mourning gecko reproduces asexually through a process called parthenogenesis. In parthenogenesis, females produce eggs that develop into embryos without fertilization. This results in offspring that are genetically identical to their mother.

However, this is extremely rare reports and the the baby gecko ends up being just like its mom, genetically.

Remember that parthenogenesis in crested geckos is considered an anomaly and not a regular method of reproduction for the species.

Most baby crested geckos come from eggs that are fertilized by males.


Q: How often do female crested geckos lay infertile eggs?

The frequency of infertile egg laying can vary depending on the individual gecko and environmental factors.

Some females might lay eggs every few weeks, while others might only lay a few times a year.

Q: Are infertile eggs harmful to my crested gecko?

While infertile eggs themselves are not harmful, excessive egg laying can deplete a female gecko’s calcium stores, leading to health issues.

It’s crucial to provide a calcium supplement and monitor her health if she lays eggs frequently.

Q: What should I do with infertile crested gecko eggs?

Carefully remove the infertile eggs from the enclosure.

You can dispose of them or keep them for educational purposes.

If you’re unsure whether an egg is fertile or not, it’s best to leave it in the enclosure for a few weeks and observe for any signs of development.

Q: Can I prevent my female crested gecko from laying infertile eggs?

While you cannot entirely prevent infertile egg laying, you can manage it by ensuring a proper diet, maintaining optimal environmental conditions, and avoiding factors that might trigger egg production.

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